What to do in case of an attack with chemical agents?

Who is aware of the fact should call line 123 or a line that fulfills the same purpose in each municipality or district, in order to activate any care emergency system available, the National Police or the Fire Department. First aid should be provided by trained personnel, who must take into account the following: a) Introduce before the victim (name and institution to which he belongs). b) Once the victim attend, check: The most serious injuries, which are those large presented in special areas such as the eyes, face, neck, hands, armpits, elbows, wrists and genitals, being the eye, the most urgent. If the are washing facilities available (potable water), proceed to wash taking care that the waeter flow does not disperse the acid to other parts of the body. c) Keep and transmit calm. d) Take the necessary precautions for protection (wear gloves, gowns and goggles). e) Remove any clothes soaked with chemicals, to prevent further spread burn. f) Dry body areas exposed to the chemical. g) Rinse with abundant water. h) Irrigate eyes with water when they are affected, as a priority. i) Soap application. Repeat the cycle (irrigation-soap-irrigation) at least three (3) times. j) Place the coat when finished three (3) cycles irrigation - soap - irrigation. k) Pack clothes impregnated with the chemical

What not to do in case of a chemical attack?
  • DO NOT get touched by the chemical. Avoid being a second victim.
  • DO NOT immerse the victim in water (ponds, tanks or containers filled with water) as the substance can mix and continue burning.
  • DO NOT use soaps with bleach.
  • DO NOT use different solutions to water as milk, aloe vera, yogurt, eggs, vinegar, alcohol, sodium bicarbonate.
  • DO NOT put potatoes, brown sugar, coffee onion, honey, butter, vegetable or olive oil oiling or kitchen, petroleum jelly, or other home remedy.
  • DO NOT use ice.
  • DO NOT rub the injury.
  • DO NOT allow the victim to rub eyelids.
  • DO NOT give any medicine or creams or provide food or beverages.
  • Do NOT touch or pop blisters.
  • Do not use dirty water.
  • DO NOT rip clothing. - Be sure to remove all the accessories that the victim is wearing such as necklaces, watches, rings, bracelets, etc.
  • DO NOT stress or express the seriousness of the injury to the victim.
Where to call in case of an attack with acids?

Who is aware of the fact should call line 123 or a line that fulfills the same purpose in each municipality or district, in order to activate any care emergency system available, the National Police or the Fire Department. In the call indicate the location of the event, giving a specific point of reference to make easier the arrival of the authorities, indicating time, people affected and condition of these ( unconscious , not breathing, not moving , etc. ) wait for operator instructions .

Where to go in case of an attack with chemical?

Moving the victim. Bring to the nearest hospital in the area, so the victim is able to receive initial emergency care and if the injury warrants, it should be transferred to a hospital with medium or high complexity that has experienced professionals in burn care, for specialized treatment. " "Burned units by department and municipality " (Resolution 4568 of 2014 )

What rights do I have if attacked with chemicals?

The victim has the following rights: health care, protection of the victim and his family, access to justice and the prosecution of offenders , employment and continuity of the victims. All institutions , in the framework of their COMPETENCES- you should inform and guide on the rights, measures and resources that accounts as well as judicial , administrative and health care means. In addition to the catalog of fundamental rights and freedoms they hold all as inhabitants of Colombia contained in the Constitution , the constitutional law and other rules that make the legal system , people who have been victims of crimes with acid, alkali or corrosive substances that generate damage or destruction upon contact with human tissue , are entitled to : 1. The dignity, self privacy and privacy in the development of care as well as for administrative and judicial proceedings to be deployed under the Act In particular: 1.1 The victims in criminal proceedings will receive throughout the criminal procedure humane and dignified treatment and protection of their privacy, guarantee their safety and their families and witnesses in favor. 1.2 Victims of violence against women: (i) will be treated with reserve identity, receive medical care, legal, or social assistance with their personal data, their descendants or those of any other person under their guardianship or custody ; (Ii) will have access to the mechanisms of protection and care for them, their sons and daughters; (Iii) decide voluntarily whether they can be confronted with the aggressor in any of the areas of care and administrative, judicial or other proceedings; and (iv) have the right to live a life free of violence. 1.3 Victims of gender violence in the armed conflict have the right to be beneficiaries of affirmative action taken by the State to protect and guarantee the right to life in dignity. 2. The truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-repetition. In particular: 2.1 In the context of criminal proceedings shall be entitled to a prompt and full compensation for damages suffered by the perpetrator or unjust or third parties called to respond. 2.2 Victims of women violence have the right to truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-repetition in relation to the constituent acts of violence, likewise, have the right to access to justice, be informed of the legal proceedings They are derived from the offense and that the rights of Article 11 of Law 906 of 2004 is guaranteed throughout the legal proceedings. 2.3 Victims should receive the relevant information on their rights, government and private services available for their care and preservation of evidence of acts of violence. 2.4 Victims of violence in the armed conflict have the right to truth, justice and reparation. 3. Be informed on the rights, procedures, and other aspects relevant authorities to facilitate the access to rights. In particular: 3.1 Provide information and guidance to victims about rights, measures and resources that account, judicial, administrative and health care means. 3.2 During the criminal proceedings victims have the right to: (i) receive from the first contact with the authorities and under the terms established in the Law 906 of 2004, relevant information to the protection of their interests and to know the truth of the facts of which have been unjust victims; and (ii) be informed of the final decision on the criminal prosecution; to attend, as appropriate, before the judge guarantees control and to bring actions before the trial judge, (Act 906 of 2004, Article 11). 3.3 Women victims of violence are entitled to receive clear, complete, accurate and timely information regarding their rights and the mechanisms and procedures covered by this law and other related regulations. 3.4 The victims in the armed conflict are entitled to: (i) information on the routes and the means of access to the measures provided; and (ii) to know the status of judicial and administrative processes that are ahead, in which they have an interest as part of or involved. 4. To receive legal assistance 4.1 To be assisted during the trial and the incident of reparation , by a lawyer who may be appointed. 4.2 To be assisted without charge by a translator or interpreter in the event of not knowing the official language, or failing to perceive language by the sense organs . 4.3 women victims of violence are entitled to receive counseling, legal advice and technical assistance for free, as well immediate and specialized nature from the time the constitutive act of violence is brought to the attention of the authority . You may order the abuser to bear the costs of this care and assistance. The State guarantee this right by performing the corresponding actions against the aggressor and in any case ensure the provision of this service through public advocacy. 5. the adoption of measures for recovery, stabilization and assistance is guaranteed 5.1 Victims are entitled to receive free of charge and by the State services, medical and psychological treatments, procedures and interventions as necessary to restore the physiognomy and functionality of the affected areas. 5.2 Victims are entitled to be ensured of mechanisms to provide employment or continued employment as appropriate. 5.3 The victims in criminal proceedings are entitled to receive comprehensive assistance for recovery. 5.4 Women victims are entitled to: (i) receive specialized and comprehensive medical, psychological, psychiatric and forensic assistance under the terms and conditions set forth in the law for them and their children; (Ii) stabilization of their situation; and (iii) receive clear, complete, accurate and timely in relation to sexual and reproductive health information. 5.5 The victims, in the context of armed conflict, are entitled to: (i) request and receive humanitarian assistance, and (ii) family reunification when by reason of their type of victimization has been split family. Also, they have the right to return to their place of origin or resettle in conditions of voluntariness, safety and dignity, within the framework of national security policy.

Do I have to pay for medical attention if I get attacked with chemicals?

No. "Victims are entitled to receive free of charge and by the State services , medical and psychological treatments, procedures and interventions necessary to restore the physiognomy and functionality of the affected areas ." (Decree 1033 of 2014 ) Should not be affiliated to an EPS or the subsidized system , the institutions providing health services inform the district or municipal mayors victims not affiliated with the Social Security System in Health to order immediate affiliation . The victim who is not affiliated with the General Social Security System in Health must be affiliated to the Subsidized . (Decree 1033 of 2014 )

In case of not receiving the medical attention i have right to, where do i go?

Filing a denounce with the Attorney General's Office , an organization that has disciplinary function to investigate those who fail to comply with comprehensive care. The procurators intervene before the judicial or administrative authorities where necessary to ensure the fundamental rights and guarantees.

How do I denounce a case of chemical attack

The following link has the steps to make a criminal denounce.

Do I need a lawyer in a order to presecute my case?

No. The Ombudsman will provide the legal advice and technical assistance, including the assignment of a lawyer or attorney for free and immediate.

After the danger has passed, which is the adequate daily care for the skin after been burned with chemicals?

1- Taking much care of the sun, computer and artificial lights , because the skin can be spotted in the healing process . 2 – Every day massages with lotion , making circular pressure in the affected areas , keep the skin moisturized all the time , you can not let the healing beat you, if possible doing three massages throughout the day for a better healing process. 3 - Good nutrition is very important, your body needs lots of water to hydrate . 4 - Exercise is essential , has great benefits for our mental and emotional condition , sport make our brain release hormones called endorphins , which promote calm, create a welfare state , improve mood , reduce pain , boost the immune system functions and counteract high levels of adrenaline associated with anxiety . 5- Sleep well , mind needs it .

Which treatments has NPDL had in order to have a better recovery?

1- Massages 2- Physiotherapy 3- Occupational Therapy 4- Hydrotherapy 5- Ultrasound 6- Cures made by the surgeon . 7- Exercise , walk 15 min , weights, balance, breathing. 8- Psychiatric treatment . 9- Uvex mask during the day, during the night of lycra mask , and if the body is committed lycras all the time. 10- Go to the countryside , share with family and friends , , dancing, reading , listening to music , writing, mourn and laugh. 11- Take Curcuma . 12- Think positive and love each other very much

Why was the foundation created?

After the attack Natalia Ponce de León suffered, the care and support she has received, allowed herself to have physical recovery with excellent results and the perpetrator been brought before the courts, has developed the wish to help people attacked with acid, alkali or similar substances that generate damage or destruction upon contact with human tissue , so that they respect and fulfill all the rights they are entitled in accordance with legal regulations issued by the government.

Since when does the foundation exist?

The foundation was created on April 9th 2015

How does the NPDL foundation operate?

The Foundation will ensure that people attacked with acid, alkali or the like or corrosive substances that generate damage or destruction upon contact with human tissue , have access to: ( I ) comprehensive health care, ( Ii ) protection to the victim and his family, ( Iii ) access to justice and the prosecution of offenders, ( Iv ) the occupation or employment continuity of victims For this purpose , once it becomes aware of an attack , it will contact the family of the attacked person so they have knowledge of the facts , the care provider , the compliance of all entities to make sure of their responsibilities , make sure the victims attacked and their families be aware of their rights they are entitled to receive

Do the victims get charged for receiving the foundation services?

The foundation provides its services for free

How can I access the foundation services?

To access the services of the Foundation communicate to phone number: 3106961809 or send an email to

Is the NPDL foundation a non-profit foundation?

Yes. The Foundation is a non-profit organization

What type of donations does the NPDL foundation receive?

- Cash : Cash donations allow to finance the highest priority activities of the foundation. This contribution will help make the dreams of Colombian victims come true.DONATE HERE - SERVICES: The foundation can benefit a lot from companies and / or individuals services IN THIS FORM YOU CAN TELL US HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO CONTRIBUTE - ASSETS : From a physical space to develop the various activities of the foundation, as products and food for daily necessities , basic first aid supplies , furniture , among others. WRITE HERE .Í TELLING US WHAT YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE

Which online donation system does the foundation have? Is it safe?

It is completely safe . Our platform has a PayU integration PAYU that allows donations from any bank in the country DONAR

Does the foundation seek for medical supplies donation?

The Foundation is not an institution which provides health services therefore requires only first aid items. However, there are some medications and treatments that are not covered by the health system . If you want to make a donation to such a case , you should contact the Foundation to meet the needs of the victim you want to support.

What type of supplies are more useful to the foundation?

Supplies for Phoenix House : furniture, kitchen utensils, basic first aid supplies , food , among others

I have other question about donations, who can I contact?

Do not hesitate to email us with any questions at

i'm interested on volunteering for the NPDL foundation, what opportunities do I have?

The Foundation works primarily with the support of individuals and companies who feel it is not only the struggle of a few but the struggle of all. IN THIS FORM YOU CAN TELL US HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO CONTRIBUTE.

I would like to write an article about NPDL foundation or its team, who can I contact?

Por favor enviar un correo a contándonos tu propuesta. Si es un medio de comunicación, compártenos información sobre el mismo.

We would like someone of the NPDL foundation to speak on our event, who do we contact?

Please send an email to telling us about your event .