What to do in case of an attack with chemical agents?
What not to do in case of a chemical attack?
Where to call in case of an attack with acids?
Where to go in case of an attack with chemical?
What rights do I have if attacked with chemicals?
Do I have to pay for medical attention if I get attacked with chemicals?
In case of not receiving the medical attention i have right to, where do i go?
How do I denounce a case of chemical attack
Do I need a lawyer in a order to presecute my case?
After the danger has passed, which is the adequate daily care for the skin after been burned with chemicals?
Which treatments has NPDL had in order to have a better recovery?
Why was the foundation created?
Since when does the foundation exist?
How does the NPDL foundation operate?
Do the victims get charged for receiving the foundation services?
How can I access the foundation services?
Is the NPDL foundation a non-profit foundation?
What type of donations does the NPDL foundation receive?
Which online donation system does the foundation have? Is it safe?
Does the foundation seek for medical supplies donation?
What type of supplies are more useful to the foundation?
I have other question about donations, who can I contact?
i'm interested on volunteering for the NPDL foundation, what opportunities do I have?
I would like to write an article about NPDL foundation or its team, who can I contact?
We would like someone of the NPDL foundation to speak on our event, who do we contact?