Dignity and privacy during the treatment as well as during any administrative and legal proceeding carried out in accordance with the law.

The victims in a criminal procedure are entitled during the criminal proceeding to a human and decent treatment as well as to the protection of their privacy as a guarantee of their safety and the safety of their families and witnesses.

Right to truth, justice and integral repair and the non-repetition guarantees.

The victims will have the right to a prompt and integral repair of the injuries suffered because of the actions of the assailant or participants or by third parties that are liable pursuant to the law.

The victims will have the right to be informed of the rights, proceedings, competent authorities and others that will promote the exercise of their rights.

If you are not insured by the public health system, the health providers must notify the corresponding entity for immediate affiliation to the Subsidized Regime.

All victims have the right to receive legal aid by a lawyer that can be appointed by the court during the trial and during the integral repair proceedings.

All victims have the right to be assisted by a translator or interpreter if the victim does not speak the official language or because the victim cannot perceive the language by the organ senses.
The women victims have the right to receive orientation, legal advise and integral legal aid without charge, immediately and specialized, from the moment in which the facts are known to the authorities. If can be ordered that the assailant pay for the costs of this assistance.

The victims have the right to the adoption of measures for their recovery, stabilization and assistance.

The victims have a right to receive without charge and charges to be borne by the State, the services, medical and psychological treatments, procedures and interventions necessary to reestablish the physiognomy and functionality of the affected areas.

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