A Colombian woman who suffered burns on a quarter of her body in an evil acid attack two years ago, has managed to successfully campaign for a law targeting perpetrators of the crime, Natalia Ponce de Leon, 35, had a litre of sulphuric acid thrown over her face and body by a man who she had never even spoken to while visiting her mother in Bogota, Colombia, in March 2014.   After previously only appearing in public wearing a mask, she bravely bared her scars as she announced a new law that punishes perpetrators of acid attacks with up to 50 years in prison.

Brave: Natalia Ponce de Leon, 35, had a whole litre of sulphuric acid poured over her face and body by an obsessed stalker who she had never even spoken to

‘With this law, people will think twice before committing this act,’ the businesswoman-turned-campaigner said during a ceremony at Narino Presidential Palace in Bogota on Monday The new law was spearheaded by – and named after – Ms Ponce de Leon, who was severely disfigured when a stalker hurled acid at her in 2014.  Jonathan Vega had spent months stalking her, and despite the fact that Ms Ponce de Leon had only met him twice, and never spoken to him, he became obsessed with her.

When he believed Ms Ponce was rejecting him, he decided to attack her,  His attack was meticulously planned. He had bought the sulphuric acid eight weeks before and waited for his moment to strike.

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